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NOKIA N95 Scanning Cameras

NOKIA N95 scanning camera is the most practical and traditional way to scan barcode marked cards (paper or 100% plastic cards are available) on the Texas Holdem game table during the operation of the Holdem and Omaha system. Many items such as Nokia, Blackberry, IPhone, HTC, are available. Customers can chose their favorable models. The phone with scanning camera inside can work like a normal cell phone while scanning the marked cards.
Different from other suppliers in the market, we install the imported high definition camera inside the good quality phone. This high definition camera will make your scanning system response faster and more accurately.
Actually the short distance cell phone scanning camera which is selling in the market is not practical for players who play playing cards on standard texas holdem table. In order to satisfied serious customers, we produced a series of long distance cell phone scanning camera. This newest cell phone scanning camera can automatically scan the marked cards. The automatically scanning area can be as large as 18cm(length)*22cm(width).
You can chose the distance by yourself. Distance between cards and camera can be 10-20cm, 20-35cm, 25-40cm, 27-45cm, 30-50cm, 45-65cm,55-80cm and so on. You can chose the most suitable camera for you.
If you need to customized scanning camera phone, the delivery time need be 3-7 days.













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Content: Hallo, ich würde gerne wissen, wie viel das Produkt ,,Unsichtbar markiert Karten Kontaktlinsen kostet und in welchen Farben die Linsen verfügbar sind. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sara

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